Problem with Chat

Does anyone know what the problem is with the chat? We are trying to have a usual meeting of our group, but the group chat seems to have been broken since we started half an hour ago which is making it very difficult to communicate

I can see the chat again now, but I couldn’t see it for almost four hours. Some other users say they couldn’t see it (but some could see it). I have no idea what happened?

Same with me I just reloaded the page a few times.

I reloaded the page literally hundreds of times (because I was trying to talk to the group of kids that I arranged to meet there every Wednesday) but I could not see the chat at all from 5:30pm UK time until just now at 9:15pm it finally came back. I couldn’t see the chat on other group pages either or the general chat. But it seems really odd that some users could see it OK and others couldn’t.