Problem with Deleting a "linked account"


So first I must admit that I have never really been a fan of IGS/PandaNet, mainly because I have a hard time getting a game super quickly and find the whole layout of the server quite strange. That being said, I have bounced on that server and left it quite a few times now, and so a little while back I put my PandaNet account and rank on my profile for OGS. Now I wish to remove it completely, but when I go into settings to try and “reset” that portion, making it blank, I find that it does not remove the information like I wanted it to, and instead I get a question mark next to the name of the Server on my profile page. Seems annoying.

Yeah I can confirm that that happens, not quite sure how to fix it though.

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I tested on my profile page. I left the username blank, selected “30 Kyu”, and my profile page stopped showing my IGS account.


That does work cool :slight_smile:

Although it feels like there should be another way, otherwise there’ll potentially be a funny effect in the statistics of users at 30kyu in other servers just to hide that server :slight_smile:


Well that is clever and it works for me! Thanks for the help, guys!