Problems with OGS

Sorry for the generic title, but I’ve been having the following 3 problems since maybe same time yesterday:

  • Online friends indicator (green up right), flickers green with number momentarily and then turns gray and zero. I have bots as friends (to find them more easily, don’t pity me), so it’s never actually zero.
  • Game chat (even in games where I’m not up to my usual longread self) disappears, flickers, or is messed up in terms of chronological order.
  • Board is glitchy.
    EDIT to add: - Site chat also behaves like game chat.

Could you please provide details regarding what device, operating system, and browser you are using?

Laptop HP 250 G4, Windows 10, Chrome.

The Goban should behave the same as ever. The frontend code hasn’t changed in a significant manner in February.

All the issues are probably either backed or connection problems. My guess is a connection problem, since you seem to be the only one having this kind of problems (also it seems improbable to mess up all the backend at once).

I think the variations in chat are doing it, other games are fine.

On mobile it’s fine, I’ll give my laptop a day or two to get it out of its system. :woman_shrugging: