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Hi there,

I’m a big fan of the new graphs and the way that they look. However, I do think that they are not very interactive. The last system we had on OGS, was really simplistic, but it had a zoom feature on the graph that I found immensely useful. It also had a function where you could click and go to a game you have played that is situated on the graph.

So what I would like to ask, is could we have the same functionality put in to the graphs that we saw in the last version, whereby you can effectively zoom in to the graph using the mouse scroll, and then have the ability to interact with a graph to get to a game that has been previously played?

I understand this would take some time to be put in to motion, but i do think that it would increase the usability of the site itself, as well as to help people understand the numerical ranking system as well.

Thanks for the consideration.

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I agree with @DanielLordSpoonJones, in the points:

I just have found that the first function has already been implemented, but not by scrolling, it’s by click-and-dragging at the last graph (lowermost) to freely select the range of the ranking change (see the results yourself).

However, I agree with the second function. Although OGS has Game History table, it’s not responsive and hard to read (for me). The ability to see the game directly from the graph let the players know

  • the details of a game which makes his/her rank rise or fall.
  • why he/she has such a momentum; maybe by his emotional, physical, or any other factors by analysing the moves.
  • any other reasons a player want to analyse.

And I support this idea:

it’s important for some people that is goal-oriented, who want to climb his desired rank by the set time, etc.

Lastly, let’s think that what’s the purposes of the graph? In my opinion, the graph can show the very detailed player’s rank by the time and the data be analysed even much more further. So, you admins don’t have to adjust the graph to all of the users’ requirements, just make sure you’ve develop the graph by the goal of itself. Thank you.

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As @PtoP said,

However, with the new ranking system, each point on the graph no longer correlates with one specific game, as games are now processed in batches for increased accuracy.

I’m not sure how difficult this would be to implement, but perhaps if you do select a certain time period on the bottom graph, the game history could automatically limit itself to just games in that period.


Yes i saw that the click and drag was an option on closer investigation of the graph itself.

As for the batch scoring system, i think batch analysing is a great thing but it has no more or less value than understanding each game i think.

Having the ability to access a game via the graph was, for me, a very handy tool. As it would provide an ease of access in to games from the long past as well as the rescently played.

I can forgo the zoom function if only i can have the access to games via the graph implamented. And i cant see it being that difficult to impliment though i stress im no programmer.

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