Profile question

I initially signed in with Google rather than give myself a username; then “donated” a significant sum of money. Is it possible to give myself a username other than my email address? Please?

It’s possible to change it. In your profile you can click the edit button under your avatar and change your username (and check the “hide real name” option)

You probably found out already since I cannot see any email address in your profile.

Ah! Thanks for your help.

Curses! I can’t change to my usual one, as I once logged in as that, so now it says that that name is in use!

Ah well. Thanks again.

You are probably connected via the other account on the forums.

You can rename your old account first to free the username and then use it for your other account - if I understand correctly what you are trying to do.

If you need any more help changing your name (or if you already triggered the limit), send me a PM. :slight_smile: