Proposal: Challenge player button on Play page

I see many beginners that have a friend they want to play. They are talking with them outside OGS, and want to challenge/invite them to a game. On Twitch streams of new players I see they all go to the Play page, and do a Custom Game. Then some random person accepts it instead of their friend. The search for user button is too hidden, and besides that’s not what they think of first. They always go the the Play page.

The Custom Game area could have two buttons: “Create Open Challenge” and “Challenge a Friend”.
Challenge a Friend brings a dialog where you type their username, and then it works the same as other ways to Challenge someone.


It could be an idea to make this more obvious and easy … but if you want to play a specific person at OGS at the moment you just click on their name and press the “Challenge” button in the dialog that opens.


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