Proposal: Limit the number of tournaments a player in a group can make

I propose giving the creators of the groups the opportunity to choose whether they want not only trusted administrators to create tournaments in their group, but also ordinary members of the group can also create tournaments.

I will explain why this is necessary.

For example, I am the creator of a group. I created a tournament system, made a year-round schedule of competitions. This is my vision of the tournament life of my group and I may not want others to interfere with their competitions. Some players create spam tournaments and this affects the attractiveness and reputation of the group, this is also a good reason.

Now you can avoid spamming tournaments only by making tournaments open and barring other players from joining the group. But this interferes with the promotion of the group in the ranking of groups.

I think it should be a checkbox in the group settings, by clicking which the group creator can allow (or prohibit) the creation of tournaments by players in his group. However, developers know better how to implement this.


They actually can’t spam tournaments because there is a three tournaments limit and a lot of people have one open.In UOGC it said no creating tournaments if you aren’t admin and no one created .Let me try to find it inside the groups settings and if I can’t a admin can add it to the game (missing a adverb cuz i don’t know the difficulties).Sometimes spamming tournaments also annoys me but luckily in my open groups or groups I am admin at don’t have many tournaments.Also you can make it so that you have to request to join instead of open.

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If I’m not mistaken, then not three, but five tournaments can be created simultaneously by default from one account. And no one forbids creating more than one account. However, this discussion is just another waste of time. Anyone who wants to spam tournaments will spam. The only defense against this is not a general restriction (which affects bona fide players, in addition, it distracts the moderators when it is necessary to individually increase the limit), but what I propose.


Sometimes, even one is enough.

Could be smart idea to allow group admins stop random members making tournaments under them. Groups like OGS Title Tournaments would definitely be better off without any random tournaments, those few random tourneys are actually kinda bad for that groups idea.

Of course lets keep all the groups open by default, otherwise many groups would get “locked” since the admins have gone MIA, but lets just add the option to stop non-admins making groups on those.


The idea is good and logical. Probably it has a very low priority at the moment though and in foreseeable future. We have to put up with silly hyenas, that’s just life. At least you have full control over bulletin and news.


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