Provisional accounts with huge numbers of games left til "normal"?

Hi -

So I just played a game with someone ranked 3 stones higher than I, and won - and wanted to check out how much the game affected my rating. When I found that not only did it not go up at all, but there wasn’t even a hint of my having played the game on my rating graph, I got curious.

When I went to the player’s account, I noticed under the main info the following text:

Note: This account is currently marked as provisional until 9197 more games have been played

What’s the meaning of that? That seems an unreasonable number of games, first of all, and by looking at the rating graph of this player, I see nothing to indicate why the status might be provisional. The rating he has seems completely reasonable given the large number of games he has played.

So why is he provisional, and why is the status to continue for more than 9000 games?

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Usually we’ll do this for people we find are doing things like intentionally losing games to artificially deflate their rank if they won’t alter their behavior.


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