Provisional rank for each game type?

I’ve noticed some discussion recently about the 4 ranks each player has and how they do / don’t interact. I’ve also seen discussed questions about, say, a 14kyu player who has never played, say, any correspondence games, and so while their other 3 ranks may be ~14 their corr rank is 25.

As a thought, what if all 4 ranks started with the Provosional “?” after them, and that temporary rank only goes away after 5 ranked games in each format?

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That would be cool. I think they should do it too.

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The multi-ranks need to be burned and scrapped. Let’s not add more garbage on top.


Eh, i personally like them. But i can understand why others don’t.

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Whilst I refer mainly to the overall rank I very much appreciate different ranks for different game-types. Please don’t encourage their scrappage!


I also like the multi ranks. Please do not scrap them.:innocent: