Pure live or ko live? 淨活或劫活? 13k~10K 13級~12級


Q: Black 1 is correct, but isn’t White 2 able to pick S18?
A: This is a ko. If you win the ko, you can live after S18.
A: If you connect directly with S18, the enemy place T18; how can you survive with a straight three?
Q: But the title didn’t say it clearly, it didn’t talk about ko, it’s still pure life.
A: It’s difficulty is 10k, so assuming readers can judge for themselves, if the difficulty of the title is edited to 13k, then a description must be written.

S18 on a 9x9 board?

The coordinates don’t match the picture, but S18 is the 2-2-point on 19x19.