Puzzle editor confusion

I created several puzzles as “Jim’s Class” but when I test my collection it does not start at the beginning and I can’t reach most of the puzzles in the collection.

Have you created puzzles before? There are some unintuitive issues with puzzle creation that you might be running into.

Can you be more specific about what exactly is going on? Some other details you could provide?

This is what I can see. Is this not what you intended?


This is my first time creating puzzles. I intend it to start at the first puzzle in the collection of 12. What you show is not the first puzzle.

Indeed, it is not. It is the last one. I was just clicking around.

The first puzzle that appeared to me was “Surrounding territory”. I can access all 12 of them without issues.

For me, testing as a user, it starts at the last one.

I am somewhat confused what you mean by this. Do you test from a different account?

If you do not mind, can you share a screenshot? (you can trim the borders if you don’t want us to see your bookmarks and such, I just couldn’t be bothered to do that with my own)

Also, are you doing this from a PC or your phone?

On a Windows PC at Puzzles I search for “Jim” and click on “Jim’s Class”. Currently I see a puzzle with text “Read a simple life and death puzzle”. I should see the first puzzle in the series: “How to surround territory. Click lower right corner to advance.”. Perhaps it works correctly for you and most users but not for me as the creator.

After above I logged in under a different user and saw it started at the beginning. Apparently it remembers where the user left off last. So it appears to be a “feature”. Thanks for helping.


Yeah, I was about to mention this.

However you also mentioned that you couldn’t reach some puzzles in your collection. While it is true that there is no “Back” button (as in, to go to the previous puzzle), the drop down menu with the name of the puzzle should allow you to navigate your whole collection.

Please make sure that works correctly. I’m not part of the OGS team, so I cannot help you with proper bugs. If the navigation menu does not work, you can put a bug report here as well. I believe that is the quickest way to reach to the devs.

EDIT: Also, just FYI, you cannot alter the order of the puzzles, as far as I know. They will always show up in order of antiquity. It is not ideal, but that’s how it works, so, I’d recommend planning ahead if you want to make a full coherent project. You actually can! :smiley:

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It took me a while to realize the the drop list was available for nav and it works. Actually the current system does allow to drag boards to a desired order from the first overview screen.


I thought you can order them?

When you go to “my puzzles” from the puzzle page

you can see your puzzle collections, and when you click into one you can click and drag, or tap and drag to reorder them I believe

Yeah, I just found out. To be honest, I hadn’t created puzzles in a while.

Thanks to @jimdaniellewis for the heads up.