Puzzle of the Day

Hi, I will be posting a problem every day unless I have an urgent matter. The questions will vary in difficulty from basic(30~19k), intermediate(10~5k), advanced (4k~1k), to expert (Dan +). Even though most of them will be either intermediate or advanced problem, don’t hesitate to solve them. The answer will be provided in the chat in a form of variation. You can hover over to check the solution. It will usually be posted anytime between 9am ~12am PST. When it gets posted, I will update this thread with the link.



  • June 1st, 2014 (1008)
    Edit: will update 06/02 - 06/13 on 06/14 Saturday.

Hey YSR!

Great idea :smiley: Thank you!

Unpinned since it looks like the creator lost interest.