Python API: Creating Game Request

I can’t figure out how to create a game request in python. I am able to get the games list (i.e. the “get” request works to get the list of active games), but trying to do a POST request fails.

Here is (part of) my code: I am calling this class method.

def CreateChallenge(self):
    values = {
        "game": {
            "name": "test",
            "rules": "japanese",
            "ranked": False,
            "handicap": 0,
            "time_control_parameters": {
                "time_control": "fischer",
                "initial_time": 259200,
                "max_time": 604800,
                "time_increment": 86400
            "pause_on_weekends": True,
            "width": 9,
            "height": 9,
            "disable_analysis": True
        "challenger_color": "automatic",
        "min_ranking": 0,
        "max_ranking": 0

    headers = {
        "Content-Type": "application/json",
        "Authorization" : "Bearer " + self.access_token

    req ='', data=values, headers=headers)

My reference has been here:

but there is no mention of needed authorization in this request. Moreover, the example shows a 200 response code, but when I use the code and run the example in the “console” section of the website I get a 301 error.

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!

(P.S. On Apiary, the python code has true and false instead of True and False: capitalization is necessary)

Anyone have any suggestions?

I’m pretty sure you need to authenticate first:

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You do need to authenticate first. Any request that will modify needs authentication.

You also need to hit https

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