Query about an AI suggestion

I was considering cutting at N18 the end of this game, but concluded that it didn’t work: Tournament Game: Monthly Simultaneous McMahon 2021-03-16 17:00 (72083) R:1 (Verrius vs jmho)
But then the AI suggested that move (and for black to play a stone there, if it was their turn). I’m used to the AI making some suggestions that don’t quite work and I mostly assume it’s thinking about ko threats; but in this case, it offers the sequence w N18m, b M18, M19, L19, N19, so that black allows white to take one stone at N19. But when I try out what happens if black doesn’t sacrifice the stone, all white’s attempts seem to end up one liberty short. Am I missing something?

I took a look, but I can’t explain the AI’s reasoning. I don’t see the cut working.


Too few playouts by OGS, the analysis simply isn’t accurate.
Also the AI is not perfectly score-maximizing - if you run Kata locally, you find it plays everything correctly if it matters for the game result, but in the case where it doesn’t matter, the analysis gets less precise and needs a ton more playouts.