Question about a professional game

inb4, I apologize if this has already been discussed, since it’s a pretty old game. If so, please direct me to the discussion and I’ll go quietly.

Also, I’m asking because the sequence of moves seems weird to me, but replies don’t have to be my-rank-appropriate. :slight_smile:

So, I’m watching this game (moves at timestamp)

and I don’t understand the thinking behind that ko threat.

Black ends up almost immediately with 3 separate stones in danger and moves to an area that also has an atari already on the plate for white.

What is going on here?..

I’m not sure what you mean. Do you mean that you don’t think the threat was valid?

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Yes, it doesn’t seem to go anywhere for Black, I don’t see how that could work out for her.

Black plays a ko in the lower left to attack white’s whole lower left group, which has only 1 eye if black wins the ko.

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I think Black’s threat is to move out of atari, making the descent to the second line, after which Black seems to have a lot of aji to work with.

But I’ll let @gennan explain.

By the way, currently 710 GK stars behind~


well, I didn’t get that :frowning:

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Don’t be modest @bugcat, I’m sure you can explain what’s going on here just as well as I can :wink:.


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I forget y’all hang out in all those other places :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: ah, back when that series was still good. goes to cry in the corner


Sadly, this meme is pretty accurate. Although IDK what the sliver of good horse in S6 is meant to be.

Since I stopped buying a subscription to a streaming service solely for GoT, and not wanting to try torrenting again, and being too poor to shell out £80+ for a box set, it’s been about nine months since I last saw an episode.

I reckon I’m well due to rewatch the first four seasons. I might save up next month and see whether I can get an S1–4 DVD, then watch an episode every other day until Summer arrives.


I’m still watching S8 rants from time to time. This must tell you how deeply my pain runs.

(edit: I never torrented, since it’s illegal, but if I had, then at some point I stopped and started streaming, which is illegal as well, so I didn’t do that either. I think I never got to that when I started watching kdramas, which are all on streaming sites (and I watch the legal ones) and I was introduced to those services.
Whatever I never torrented before that, I also never burned on DVD so I don’t have series and movies sitting there in case we ever run out of internet. Historical value, I guess.)


I think it’s the Battle of the Bastards. I don’t think it qualifies, I think it’s what the author means.

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The short answer is Ueno was trying to turn the whole board into one giant semeai.

A slightly detailed answer is that white wouldn’t dare to just win the ko fight, since the only territory for sure at that point would be just one on the left side about 10+ points, and the group winning the ko also about 10 points, everything else was still in the air if black dropped down as @bugcat pointed out (it would put that whole lower right side life into question). And you just don’t give Ueno any chance to do that as she will try to smash every eye space to kill your group (as she later demonstrated in this game).

Also, it would turn that “black group” into a ko factory, since there is another ko on the upper right still unresolved, she wants to keep as many ko threats as possible, for the center fight (as she also demonstrated later using them many times as ko threats).


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