Question about specific move

In this game move 11 and in this game move 22 seems like the same mistake (both moves are very wrong according to AI).

My thought was to “push” for the side of the board but AI suggests another direction, how should I approach this (and why :frowning: )?


I’m no expert but in our game of your intention was to push to the side, you chose the side which was further away. The AI suggestion “pushes” to the right which has one less intersection than pushing down. However, I think it’s more about what you can build elsewhere rather than the direct effect of pushing. I’m a bit out of my depth here though!

In the other game, all I know if that your two stones on the third line were too weak to capture the stone you put in Atari. AI (not that I really understand it) seems to be saying to make aji with an Atari the other way in order to get center influence with the other stones. But again I don’t really understand this very well myself!



In the first game, as far as I can see your move is pushing your opponent down. But the stones you are adding pushing are almost dead (if opponent correctly goes down g2 on move 15)
Basically, you are putting “almost” dead stones and forcing opponent to grow his territory

In second game, it’s less obvious
Forcing one way is saving stones locally (and not easy to read), forcing other way is building strong influence - almost territory towards corner
Then, it’s a question of counting… I can just guess IA counted well ^^

See you


Thank you!
I’ll look at them again now.