Question about timeouts

I was looking at some live games on OGS, and I saw a live game were both players timed out (no stones were placed), and the result was White+disconnection.

Is it because black plays first, so they disconnect first, or is it also that White has +5.5 points?

I have no opinion about this, just wondering.

The loser should be the one who left the game first, but in the described case it really is just a technicality so players can tell who left first - games bellow two moves are annulled anyway. So no impact on rank.


There are a few cases here:

  1. If there is a live game where neither player shows up at all, the disconnection timers shouldn’t start. It should be just White+timeout.

  2. If it is a live game where Black showed up and left without playing a move, that would trigger the disconnection timer, and it would run down.

  3. White could’ve shown up, paused it, then un-paused it, then left, which may trigger the disconnection timer.

  4. If Black created the challenge, then went offline, then it might trigger the disconnection timer when it started.

If you give me a link to the game, I could investigate further.
Not an expert here, so please tell me if I made mistakes.


It’s not my game, I don’t know if I should post specifics.

Also there was some issue recently about disconnection. Could it be involved?

It’s a public game and there is no shaming about players so I think there’s nothing wrong.

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