Question regarding the calculation of ranking

Hi folks,

for a few weeks I play here and like it very much. I have a question regarding the calculation of ranking (I already searched but couldn’t find an answer):

Blitz 21k, Long 19k, Corr 20k, but overall it says »17k« now. How is this calculated? I would have assumed an overall rank of 20k (average of all three) for these numbers.

Just curious


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As far as I understand, all the ranks are independent.

So, when you finish a game, your overall ranking and time-based ranking will be adjusted independently.

Because of that, is not unusual that the overall ranking is higher (or lower) than each specific time-based ranking, especially if you are facing a winning (or losing) streak in one specific time-setting.

For example, let’s say you start as 20k blitz, 20k long and 20k corr, overall 20k.
Then you start playing blitzes and win a lot.
Since overall is adjusted independently from time-based ranking, you reach 17k blitz, 20k long, 20k corr, overall 17k.
Then you start playing correspondence, and win a lot here too. You rank up to 17k blitz, 20k long, 17k corr, 15k overall.
In this case you start to notice how overall ranking works: it goes up again, and your overall ranking becomes higher than each other time-based ranking.

As I said, it’s a very common situation, especially if you play regularly at least 2 different time-settings, and you have winning or losing streaks in at least one of them.
If you play regularly only one specific time-setting, your overall ranking tends to be very similar to that time-based ranking (as in my case, since I play 99% corr).


This explanation makes sense. Thx a lot!