Questions about my rank

I was just accused of sandbagging here, so I’m trying to make sure that I set my rank correctly since I’m really new to this server. I looked on Sensei’s Library and it said that 17k was approximately the same on IGS and OGS, ( I’m Nomchelsea there and 17k, so is there anything I should change? I just want to avoid offending people and make sure that I’m not being rude or misranking myself.

The game where I was accused of sandbagging is here (

He was trying to mirror you in the beginning and he frequently plays people with a lower rank than him. Other than that his moves looked suspicious to me (I would say I’m around 19k). It looks like he “cheated(for lack of a better word)” his way to his rank so I wouldn’t worry about what he said.

The senseis chart is horribly outdated, but don’t worry too much about that. My guess is you’ll stabilize around 15k and you’ll encounter more courteous players in the future. Have fun on OGS!


“Sandbagger” seems to be a favourite word of player goku21, namely when her/his opponent plays better, see also this game, or this game.

In at least one of their other games it seems s/he resigned when s/he seemed to be winning, so … perhaps it’s like so often: people like to accuse others of what they are doing themselves; but OC that could also have been just bad reading and impatience.


What an angry, unpleasant person.