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The following was incorrectly flagged. According to message ( just seen I am to revise but that function i not operating hence original post follows. Nothing i it violates any rules and admin respondedseveral times without identifying any issues. Obvious error since I would not flag my own serious and inoffensive inquiry. :slight_smile:

How much vacation/year? Should be limit. 27 days. Usually vacations are scheduled for certain length, not indeterminate. User should select a period, be able to extend and cancel. DGS is a good example to use as a model. It is not clear if one can do anything after starting except relax 27 days so experimenting seems unwise.

The ability to play realtime is a complication. Does not seem at all right for a player to have vacation effect a realtime game.

Oh, btw, DGS users may play while on vacation, is that the case here? Play is not disallowed on a weekend when clocks are set not to run.

It was surprising that you would flag your own post, but it was also quite clear that you did. I just double checked to be sure.

Given your personality and recent history on the forum, I figured it was a stunt of some sort.


Nope, pure accident. Admin rationales are obviously specious which is informative about personality and character - a serendipitous revelation.

Speaking for myself, I thought it was intentional simply because it takes four clicks to flag something. You have to scroll all the way up to the first post, too. And it happened before in topic Show list of game's observers to players.

I’m not one to comment about personality and character, but since there’s accusations being thrown around, perhaps someone could recommend a good self-help book. Dale Carnegie anyone? :smiley:


Nope. And the repeated ad hominem sniping by OGS team sets a good example for the community given the venom could be delivered by p.m.

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I am not one to question another person’s reasoning. If you thought your post was off topic, then I am inclined to agree with your own assessment.

If this is not the case, please let us know. Should we not trust your judgment in the future?

This is my least favorite troll stage: feigned victimhood.

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Fair enough but the original question was answered in the original thread? Not sure that we needed another thread to discuss why the first thread was closed given the question was answered. But either way, now that the difference between flagging a post and flagging a thread has been cleared up can we all stop arguing?

Also for some questions, I find it easier to ask the question in chat, as the responses tend to be much quicker and misunderstandings are easier to spot


You did not read this from Mark???

Yeah, I see clearly now where the confusion was. There’s a difference between flagging a topic (located at the bottom of all posts) and flagging an individual post (located at the bottom of that particular post by clicking “…” and then flag).

for you and your crewmates Music sharing thread. Links only. No chit chat

It’s always amusing to watch the troll as he spirals. Catch you later.


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