Quitting OGS

I have been playing on OGS since July 2017, it has been about a year now. It has been some times now that I wanted to quit OGS and join another server. One reason for quitting OGS is because OGS’s score estimator is very inaccurate. I need to be honest that I rely on score estimator a lot. However OGS’s score estimator is very inaccurate comparing to other servers. Also the count down sound is very annoying. I do like to hear the Go stones tapping sound, but the female count down voice is actually distracting me while I was thinking, I don’t want to mute the whole sound as I still want to hear the Go stones tapping sound but not that count down sound but I can’t find a way to turn it off.
Please admin if you can see this post, can you please delete my account for now? I might come back in the future but now I will just start another journey in another server.

Hope you will see this and solve the above problem.
Old fan of OGS.


There’s an option for having voice countdown switched on or off in your settings, which is separate from the stone tapping sound, so I feel this problem can be resolved. The score estimator is not perfect, but it’s an estimator after all. Estimators on other servers can be pretty terrible as well.

Also, there’s no problem with playing on different servers, I think many people play on several places. I like OGS for its correspondence games, and since it was the first server I discovered. A relationship with a go server does not have to be exclusive :wink:

As for account deletion, I believe it’s impossible once you have played games. The best that could be done is to change your nickname, as far as I know…


I played here from May 2014 and came back again after a long break. Everyone is the master of his own destiny and I do not understand what can be discussed here at all.

Already possible

Not sure what you mean by “for now”, but unfortunately I cannot. As was already mentioned your games are not your own, but your opponents as well. I can restrict your access to the account a change all your info to nonsense (or you can do that yourself) if you are super worried about some privacy leftovers, but that’s about it I am afraid.


I managed to turn off the countdown just fine. The first time I encountered it I was so wrapped up in the game that I had to be peeled off the ceiling. I turned it off in the settings, and for insurance I muted the sound from the computer (no need to the hear the clicks of stones being placed, so no big deal there). No problem.

But the best solution is to change the way the game is timed. I use Prefer Fischer in my automatch settings.