Random Gaps + Pie Rule

Interesting. Anyone want to play me?

Sure I still want to play some more. Which board size do you want to play @terrific , and with how many removed intersections?

You hit the nail on the head with those points. However I don’t have the time / ressources to popularise this variant.

No problem, you already made a great start!

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9x9 as my first game. Don’t have any preference for number of holes. Maybe 2 if you don’t either?

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Yeah I’ll just have redo how I do the grid; I’ll make each box a div and selectively turn off its borders I think.

I was using a display grid to line elements up, and then trying to draw repeating borders (with a repeating gradient) but since they’re all drawn in one go, I had to draw over them to remove, but it’s not very resizable. Things are just off by a pixel here and there depending on the zoom level.

I’ll rework it all after work this evening, it’s good practice for me. (although I’m sure some of you could do a better job quicker :stuck_out_tongue: ). I’ll see if I can get rid of the hoshi as well and maybe if I’ve time add in a button and an input box to choose how many holes you want and have it generate randomly.


Alright, the random number generator has spoken and I used the tool made by @shinuito to generate the following starting position:

I get to choose komi this time, and I set it to 7 points. @terrific which color do you want to play?

PS: I will not have time to play my first move before the evening.


I’ll play white

So sorry but this board make me think of:


Have a nice game! My first move is D3.


Ok we should be live for version 2 now :slight_smile:

  • The hoshi points should disappear when they’re supposed to be holes
  • The holes shouldn’t be clickable to place stones, and there won’t be a hover effect over them.
  • There’s coordinates on both sides of the board.
  • I’ve swapped over to each square being a div and the lines are now 2px rather than 1px, because that’s all I know how so far :stuck_out_tongue: (there might be the odd line looking thinner depending on zoom level, I’m unsure of an overall fix).
  • Big feature is adding in an input for generating boards with holes randomly :slight_smile:

I might try to add a url param that saves the game state to make it shareable before this game progresses too far along.


I don’t want to keep interupting the game with posts, but I fixed a problem where I broke the no hole board :man_facepalming: and I added a way to generate a shareable link to the current board :slight_smile:


Hopefully you’d see

and below the board a button that can generate the link :slight_smile:


Features everyone secretly want on OGS but will never be implemented - #44 by bugcat > boards with lacunae, or “holes”

That was my suggestion from December~




I decided to try playing a pincer with C7.

I’ll go with D7


I’ll play E7

I’m already regretting my choice of opening. Anyway I try C6:

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I’ve added an button to generate an image (draw to html canvas) of the current board position so you can copy and paste (right click and click copy) the image if that’s any easier than screenshotting :slight_smile:

I think the only thing is that the coordinates don’t look as nice maybe (I’ll have to think about that :slight_smile: )

Your screen shot on the left, the canvas drawing on the right.


Link to current board position




Wonderful. Thanks.

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