Random Gaps + Pie Rule

The first game has prematurely ended, due to the workaround being tedious. If anybody wants to play, I’m offering to create a picture of the starting position, edit it as the game progresses and upload it on the forums.

You can pass control over the demo board to each other by clicking each other’s usernames. That way you can make a move, and let the other person place the next move and give back control. (not sure if you’re already doing that)


No, I did not know about that. Thank you for telling me. I don’t know if Atorrante wants to play using this method. Do you want to play @Vsotvep ?

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I’m having a busy week, with moving and stuff, so I’ll pass, if you don’t mind

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Instead of copy pasting from the terminal you can actually just go to this site and download the SGF (as a bonus you get some advanced distribution options):


@martin3141 You can actually do komi betting from the site I created from the Semi-random starting position discussion.


After you generate a starting position you can copy the URL (which includes the randomly generated placements) and share it with your opponent. You can then do the komi betting, adjust the komi accordingly, download the SGF, upload it to your SGF library, and challenge your opponent.

I admit it is not the most intuitive UX, so I created this issue

I am still willing to have a go, but if I have to skip from one screen to another all the time I won’t be interested (because my playing under these conditions will suffer just too much, giving me no pleasure).
So if it is possible to play in a “peaceful setting” i am game. Maybe a smaller board size and less neutral stones is a better option for a first experiment with this go variant.

Thank you @runarberg, but I believe that what I’m envisioning is different than your variant. I would like to play with neutral stones which can never be captured, and the position of these neutral stones is random. The part with the komi is not a problem, nor is generating a random starting position. The problem is finding a user friendly solution on OGS.

As I said, I’m offering to create pictures of the current board state and post the updated configuration to this thread. With neutral stones, it may look like this:

Edit: And sure I’m fine with playing on a smaller board and less neutral stones. Just tell me what settings you prefer. That is why I asked you before :slight_smile:

Like to try it again, but preferably 9x9 with a few neutral points. Okay?

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Okay, how about 9x9 with 1 random stone? And I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to play, but I’ll try to play at least one move per day.


Ok, this is the random position:

Funny that it looks like a normal move, but I did create two random numbers :slight_smile:

Also I flipped a coin to decide who chooses komi. As a result I set komi to be 7 points.

@Atorrante, do you want to play Black or White?


i play white, thanks for setting this up.


Thank you for playing with me :slight_smile:

I’ll try F5 as my first move.

I answer with C6.

Ok, I’ll try F7.

Strategically I am in dubbio.
Should I play as if the neutral stone isn’t there at all or should I try to use it in some way?
Gonna try the second option :grin:



Yeah, I think that using the neutral stone to your advantage is the way to go :slight_smile:

I like this variant because it forces you to think creatively from the get-go.

I play F3:


Yes this variant definitely gets you out of your comfort zone :grin:


The neutral stones looks strange next to the detailed stone images. I’ll think about a way to improve the visuals for future games.

I’m really enjoying this variant so far. The neutral stone doesn’t change the game fundamentally, but it does have a great influence on the possible sequences nearby.