Random Gaps + Pie Rule

sure, what komi?

One of us chooses komi, the other one decides which color to play. This is the “You cut, I choose” method. We already did this the first two games, but perhaps I did not make it clear.

I changed it to “removed intersections”. I hope this is an intuitive description.

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Okay, but what is the removed intersection?
That looks relevant to me in deciding what komi to choose.

patience, I’m working on the picture. I’m using the simplest tool imaginable; MS Paint :wink:

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Ok @Atorrante, this is the starting position:

This time you get to choose komi. Have a nice game!

5 komi (wonder if not integer komi - 5,5 - are also allowed).

I’ll play Black and start with D4:

I claim the diagonal corner with G6.

For now lets say that only integer komi is allowed. But if there is a good argument for it, then we can of course change it. Would you prefer that integer + 0.5 was allowed as a choice for komi?

No, I like the idea of jigo. Frustrating to lose by 0,5 points.

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Maybe you missed it: G6.

Thank you for the reminder, I’ve been a bit busy. I decided to play F4:

E7 looks like a nice point.

I like it, but I’m lazy, so I propose a portmanteau: “rint”, plural “rints”.

My instinct says G5, so here we go:

It got shorter but also less understandable :sweat_smile:

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C7 is my answer.

Still busy?

Today is indeed a busy day for me. I had a job interview at noon, and I’m going to present a project at university later. But anyway, I decided to play H6:

Now that the rules questions have been answered, how do you like the variant so far? I’m enjoying it.

Still not used to the grey holes.
Think it would be less confusing if the colour would be something else than grey, maybe this one :slight_smile:


Photo of a black hole.