Rank info in sgf file that can be downloaded from ogs


It seems the rank info of the players doesn’t get recorded properly in the sgf file if you download it after playing a game on ogs. Is there any chance this might get fixed in the future?

greetings and thanks in advance for any feedback on this issue, Niek


There are several topics on this like this one.

Maybe an admin could merge them?

This request has been made again, and again, and again.

I’ve posted at least three threads about it myself since the start of last year, mentioning especially the particular inconvenience the bug causes when uploading SGFs to GoKibitz.

The admins always ignore the thread, it bumps off the board, and the issue continues to stay unfixed.

I get that it may be a low priority in the eyes of the OGS staff, but at least a response is expected.


live footage of admins ignoring thread


Hello y’all, and sorry for appearing ignorant :smiley:

The issue is tracked here: https://github.com/online-go/online-go.com/issues/1137
and anoek labeled it, so to some extent he must be aware. Unfortunately this is a backend issue and he is the only one who can do something about that, and as you assumed he probably views other current issues as more pressing.

But yeah, personally I don’t download .sgfs too much, but I can imagine it is annoying. Sorry.
The only workaround I can think of (if you need one or two files for some serious presentation or something) is to download the file and change the ranks manually. Simply open the downloaded file with any text editor and ctrl+f to search for a string BR and WR (black rank, white rank) and you can simply change the following number and save.


Yeah, that’s what I already do.

Ah well, as long as people are still aware :D