Rank restriction bug

I was 1d when I made an open challenge with 3k minimum rank restriction. Once I dropped to 1k and made a game with the same saved settings the restriction still shows “3k” in the drop down menu. All good so far. Then some 4k joined my open challenge. I canceled the game and asked him to join my challenge again for double checking. He could accept my challenge again. I haven’t tested this more but it could be that the rank restriction ± is calculated from ones own rank and not according to the settings selected.
I would prefer if the whole rank restriction menu would just be a single field with big ± buttons on both sides. So no need for pull down menus at all. I do like how the rank restriction pull downs got a little love with 4.2 patch but they still seem unnecessary complicated.

He could accept your game, because his overall rank is 3k, and thus within the limits you set.

In the game itself, the time-specific rank is shown though, so you got the impression that his overall rank was 4k, while it in fact was his live/blitz rank that is 4k.

So it is no bug itself, just confusion with the UI. (It’s probably easier for folks to understand if the overall rank is shown in the games aswell)

ok this is even worse. If we have different ranks for different time settings that are not used for pairing then WHY DO WE HAVE THEM?!?!?!


I’ll check this out, this is likely just a bug in who I allow to accept a game.


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Hello? Is anyone going to answer this? To apply ranking restrictions to open challenges using overall ranks is really silly. As Pempu noted, this makes the system worse, not better.

If we have ranks for blitz that differ from overall ranks (and they can differ substantially), then one can either end up playing someone much better or much worse than they are when rankings have been restricted. I have had this happen to me in both directions yesterday, and in each case it was rather annoying. In the one, I was playing someone five stones better than me at blitz when I had asked for +/- 2 stones, and in the second case it was someone 9 stones weaker. Neither game was very enjoyable.

So it would seem this must be an absolutely trivial change to make. Is anyone working on this?

Yes, we are working on it.

Please don’t forget that the Devs and the Team are running this website as a hobby, next to 56 hour jobs, a family, kids, friends that want to have quality time with us, and a couple of other hobbies aswell. Thus, the development is slow. I can assure you it’s not forgotten.


I certainly appreciate that, Francisa, as one overburdened at times with his own work. I do appreciate all that you and the other developers do.

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Thanks man :slight_smile: We are not forgetting you guys.