Rank up for winning some competitions

Some pro countries have a rank up system that when they win a competition they get ranked up a stone.

Wouldn’t it be nice for some competitions the winner gets ranked up too!?

It will have to be based I guess on how big the coppetition is.


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When you win an IRL tournament, most of the time you will rank up by the points you accumulated with your wins. Your official ranking is calculated according to your tournaments results. This calculation is taking in account how big or serious this tournament is, with different classes of tournaments. This is how it works in EU via EGF rating system but i guess other places have a similar system.

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Some servers have ranking systems like that, where you simply rank up if you’ve won X times in your most recent Y matches, makes it simpler to understand how does your next game affect your standing.

Downside of it: needs a ton of player so that everyone has the possibility for finding enough equally rated opponents.

The “rating-based ranks” have the nice aspect of not treating all wins as equals: winning against weaker player won’t affect your rating as much as winning against stronger player, system can better adjust to fit all kinds of potential pairings.

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Is the OP’s point that in some ranking systems, you can only rank up but never rank down?

If so, then goquest ranking is the most similar to what is suggested (ranking, not rating), but it’s like an endless tournament

The reason OGS ranking does not do this is that OGS ranking has a specific goal, and that goal is not “rewarding wins in competitions” or even any kind of “recognition” as a primary goal.

The goal of OGS ranks is “to find suitably skilled players to play Go with”. If you ranked up based on competition wins, this would (or at least, might) dilute the predictive power of the ranking system compared to the purely win/loss based formula used now.


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