Rank wrong presentation/calculation (solved: rounding)

My rank is 7.0k on diagram but it shows 8k in profile (on top on avatar) and in games.

It’s because of rounding. You’re something between 7 and 7.049… So it rounds to 7.0 but since it’s still above 7 it displays your rank as 8th kyu.
When you get below 7 you’ll be 7th kyu.

Also, in case you don’t know.
You can activate OGS dark mode by clicking on your profile picture in the top right and then clicking on the moon icon under Theme.



Ok, i see. But on the start page it shows 7.0k under avatar - on profile 8k above avatar. It confused me since math tell me that 7.0 is still 7 not 8. Then on both pages it should show the same. And users don’t see that 7.049.

P.S. Dark mode is useless for me, I’m on the oldschool’s bright side :wink:

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Meme is funny but the case isn’t much.
Yes, of course, rank is just a number and so on, but my mathematical mind hurts when I see 7.0 rounded as 8.

What’s the point of rounding?
Kyus are only integers, so we must convert and round rating in order to have an integer.
But what integer fits best?
Here is how EGD rounds GoR:
1300 is 8k
1400 is 7k
1301 is rounded 8k
1351 is rounded 7k
1399 is rounded 7k

It looks more reasonable to me than brutally truncate all decimals.

It’s simply a threshold system instead of a rounding system… they’re not that unusual…


It’s a threshold system with reduced visibility of decimals that brings to the apparent meaninglessness (does this word actually exist??? :smiley:) of converting 7.0 to 8k

so you’d prefer rank be displayed at 7.0021589 kyu? and then it’s ok to say they’re still 8k because they haven’t hit “7” yet?

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I’ll push a fix to ceil to 7.1 instead of round/floor/whatever to 7.0

instead of


seems consistent :slight_smile: if the rank ceils it makes sense for the estimate to ceil too, good call

Fix got merged. It will be available in some days.


Better, thank you.



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yeah, enought good for me :wink:

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