Ranks are incorrect in OGS SGFs

When SGFs from OGS are downloaded and then viewed (eg. on GoKibitz), the ranks of the players are incorrect, several stones lower than they appear on OGS’ game page and on the players’ profiles. It’s my suspicion that the code entering the old Elo ranks into SGF files hasn’t yet been replaced with new code inserting Glicko ranks – though that raises the question of why OGS is still operating an Elo system it isn’t displaying any more… I PM’d a dev about this but never got a response.

Three examples:

Example 1: bugcat vs RoyalLeela
Game page ( https://online-go.com/game/10745495 ) lists bugcat as 8k, RoyalLeela as 9d
SGF uploaded to GoKibitz ( https://gokibitz.com/kifu/SyUwATYez ) lists bugcat at 11k, RoyalLeela at 3d

Example 2: bugcat vs Age21
Game page ( https://online-go.com/game/10380889 ) lists bugcat as 8k, Age21 as 3d
SGF uploaded to GoKibitz ( https://gokibitz.com/kifu/rkMVFKWWz ) lists bugcat as 14k, Age21 as 10k

Example 3: MrMemeMan vs alemitrani
Game page ( https://online-go.com/game/10842280 ) lists MrMemeMan as 10k, alemitrani as 11k
SGF uploaded to GoKibitz ( https://gokibitz.com/kifu/rk-VI4LWf ) lists MrMemeMan as 13k, alemitrani as 14k

We can see that the SGFs are lowballing the display rank of players by a minimum of three stones. This is practically bothersome because reviewers on GoKibitz are going to be commenting as if the players are weaker than they really are, meaning that people who post their games aren’t going to learn as much as otherwise – so it needs fixing.

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