Ranks Comparison

So we probably all know about the recent switch in the rating system to Glicko-2, and I think there has been sufficient time for it to settle, but despite the fact that the Sensei’s Library world rank comparison is probably no longer accurate, there don’t seem to be any attempts to create any new one…

I doubt I’m the only one interested, but would anyone else be interested in creating a new ranks comparison chart/formula/whatever else?


Sounds like a community project that’ll need input from a lot of people with accounts on different servers. A decent enough start would be for players on multiple servers to post their ranks in this thread, then once we’ve got ten or so players we can compile them into a table and get the snowball rolling.

Personally, I’ve never played anywhere else so I’ve no idea.

I recommend having the servers in one table (OGS, KGS, IGS, DGS, Tygem, FoxGo, WBaduk) and the national federations in another. I don’t think you’d need FICGS (some sort of chess server that has Go as well) or GoQuest (pretty much just 9x9 from what I hear).


GoQuest also has 13x13.