Rating did not change after winning a game!

This is pretty strange. I won this game by timeout, but my rating was left unchanged. The game was rated and my opponent wasn’t provisional. Here is a link.

Could someone explain this to me, plz?

You can see your rating meter for the various game types in your profile. Each time you win, you get a certain number of points toward your next rank, based on a variety of factors. If you get enough points to fill the meter for one rank, you progress to the next, vice versa if you lose points. Your gauge for the next rank wasn’t filled by this victory, by the look of things.

You won’t rank up every time you win, especially as you get stronger.

Ah, Nevermind, I think I see the issue here.

This fellow lost his last three games by timeout. I believe when someone loses a set number of games this way, their rank becomes provisional again, but I’m not sure.

@kitten1 is correct… your opponent was timeout provisional. Timeout provisional and ordinary provisional opponents will not affect your rating.