Really bad lag with new GUI

Just played a game with long times but both of us had big delays when playing each move. Here is the chat transcript which kind of tells the tale:

February 22, 2017
[12:33] Raffles: hi
Move 12
[12:39] Raffles: something strange is happening with the clocks - I am taking only seconds to play each move but my clock is somehow minutes down
Move 16
[12:41] Raffles: it seems to keep ticking after I have played my move
Move 54
[12:52] Raffles: I see also another problem, when you play your move I wait a long time and then when it appears my clock suddenly goes down


This was happening to me last night as well on this game:

This is seeming to be a consistent issue now, just having caused issues at the end of the Leela vs. KZ rematch. (

@anoek @matburt Are these known issues, or would it be useful to get you more diagnostic information? I could also see them being related to that ongoing migration.


Yup, same here. Lost my last game because of it. I placed down a stone with 4-5 seconds to spare and it did not register it on time and I lost due to time-out. Really frustrating.

Had same experience recently.

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Same experience today. After playing a move my clock just continued counting down. I needed to reload the game URL to keep things going. Sometimes the move was registered after reloading, sometimes not. It happened several times in my last game.

Another thing I noticed is that there are games in the play list which I cannot accept. If I click the game request and then the “accept” button, it says “challenge does not exist”, while the game request is still visible (with green button) on the list. I tried that several times but got always the same. I cannot remember to have seen such behavior before (with the former UI).

I had same delays on correspondence games this afternoon. it looks like the server was heavily loaded and slow in response. The games and web page took long time to display in browser

Two days later I played two games (9x9 and 19x19) without any lag so far. Seems that the new UI gets into good shape now. Thanks @developers for your continuous efforts :+1:


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