Recent game(s) missing from user's game history

A couple of days ago I played this game against this user. It was a normal public custom game (albeit unranked) that he initiated. After it ended, the game showed up in my Game History, but not his.

His Game History doesn’t show any games after 2023/3/29. It’s not some display issue: the api call for his games also cuts off at that date.

Anyone seen this before?

It’s a private game (I can’t access it).

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Ah, thanks. Very interesting. I had no idea it wasn’t public – the Game Information panel didn’t mention it. I had thought private games had something to do w/ challenges, didn’t realize an open custom game request could be for a private game.

So… presumably the reason the user doesn’t have any listed games since March is b/c all the newer games are private. That’s… troubling. Normally I wouldn’t play someone w/ a long stretch of no ranked games.

Another reason not to accept any unranked games, I guess.