Recurring payment event after cancelling

I cancelled my supporter payment via PayPal on April 4th and I checked today and I’ve been charged for both April 18th and May 18th for $3. I already checked PayPal and it says it’s cancelled and in my account there is nowhere for me to view my payment status nor cancel on the online-go end. Extremely frustrating. How can I STOP getting charged now that I’ve been charged twice AFTER I cancelled?

This can only be sorted by @anoek but I’m sure it will be now that his attention has been drawn to the issue.

Hi @akwilliamson, can you PM or email me at the email address associated with the paypal account you’re seeing the April 18th and May 18th charges for?

I’ve searched from our side using your paypal address and name that we have on file for akwilliamson and I’m showing only expected transactions, that your supporter subscription was canceled successfully on April 4th, and that no charges happened after that, certainly nothing on April 18th nor May 18th (which would be odd anyways since paypal always does their billing on the same day of the month, so it’d be may 4th if it didn’t cancel successfully.)

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