Refresh interface after game

Is it possible to refresh the interface without logoff and logon? I niotice that when my points and eventually my ranking after winning one or more games should rise this is not displayed with the info on my name.

I’m not an expert but does f5 do it?


Isn’t it so that if you go to the command line (on this page where you see:; also see screenshot), click on it and press enter, that this page is reloaded?

Does logging off and loggin on work?

I vaguely remember the rating graph only showing one day at a time as opposed to per game, since the x-axis is days/months rather than game number. So even if you play 10 games today I believe it’s just one data point.

I would expect though the ratings table on the profile to change with each game (unless it was a win against someone with a massively lower rating).

You can also see rating changes per game here

and to get the number ### to fill, check the number in the url when you click profile

You take that number and fill it in above.