Refusing counting?

is there a way to deal with opponent refusing to score game? Like literally jsut click everywhere in counting phase to present proper counting?

Tried to call moderator but 15 minute no response and i think i am muted for chat so just wonder what to do. ty!

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Oh well, after over 20 minute of constant spamming to…he ended up finishing by succeeding to end the game with wrong counting and left.

Now my question is can the game score be corrected and can this player get warned or banned? Game #14311108 is required. I know this is not the best medium but i don’t see any other option.

Seem to be quite a issue with the scoring method if there is no way for player to deal with this or get help in case of player trolling like this :frowning:

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The game result can’t be ‘corrected’ but it can be annulled. A mod may also warn or ban a player that abuses the system but that may take a little time.

There is also the ‘Resume Game’ option. This may not solve the problem with a complete scammer but it can be useful for making their misinterpretation of the score more obvious. I prefer Chinese rules against unknown opponents for this reason. The game may be resumed without loss of points as might occur under Japanese rules.

Hope some of that helps.


I see, well guess a cancel is better than nothings. You where in the game right you seen him playing complete scammer?

Still feel like this is a small issue with the system. Concidering slow moderator response, some kind of automated system should be implemented i guess. Could be somethings as simple as game put on hold if counter last longer than a certain amount of time for review by moredator.


Morning. Sorry, finally got up and annulled the game.

hmmm, yeah that makes sense. We would rather have a more reliable auto score, but I will suggest something like that see if the devs liike it, until the auto score happens :smiley:



And yea, somethings as simple as if, for example, player cannot come to a agreement on counting for more than 3-4 minute of somethings. Game is frozen and tagged for review my moderator. Could be a decent placeholder waiting for a auto score mechanism (and even auto score can have their own issue, as they often require a appeal mechanism in case they make a mistake)

I find it sad than go server have to create mechanism to prevent game stalling in counting phase. Sadly it is a reality. There always troll who will want to abuse of the system.Seen it in just about every go server i played on.


Great idea! BTW, I would recommend that in addition to calling the moderator, it would be worthwhile to post an appeal for a moderator in the general chat, where at least one moderator is usually present. I’ve seen this several times, usually resulting in a quick resolution.

that usually what i try to do! But as i cannot actually use chat, i could not try to get quick help from moderator this way.

But perhaps a automatic message could be a things…

Do you happen to know why this is the case? I mean why can’t a game be “corrected” (at least for cases of blatant abuse) rather than just annulled? Perhaps a moderator like @AdamR could chime in?

I’m guessing that this is primarily a matter of policy. While there might be also some technical issues that prevents correcting games, I feel that it should be made possible for the sake of preserving the integrity of the rating system. Otherwise, abusers can still take advantage by escaping losses (via annulment).

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I actually do not know :blush: Might ask one day…

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Off the top of my head, I think I remember reading somewhere that it was a decision made to protect moderators from abuse. If they don’t have the power, they can’t be accused of misusing it.

I disagree with this reasoning, even though it may be speculative and not the actual case.

First, moderators already have other powers that could be misused (annulling games, banning players, censoring players, etc.), so simply having this one type of power denied does not remove the possibility of them misusing or being accused of misusing significant powers, nor does it prevent them from being harassed for their current actions/powers.

Second, if a moderator was actually misusing a power, I hope that they would be accused (through the appropriate channels) and properly dealt with. Any individual is merely human and potentially fallible, hence an organization needs to have a system of oversight, appeals, and remedies to be resilient to bad behavior.

Who would be the right person ask and to suggest a policy change to?

Likely @anoek has the answers you seek, though he’s been rather busy of late. Guess we’ll see whether he clears the air or not.