Register for the 2021 US e-Go Congress now!

Hi everyone,

If you’re disappointed that this year’s US Go Congress has been canceled, mark your calendar for the 2021 e-Go Congress! Scheduled for July 17-25, the e-Go Congress will be held online and includes:

  • a weekend “Open” tournament
  • a weekday daytime “blitz” tournament
  • evening 9×9
  • Pair Go
  • Double-Digit Kyu tournaments
  • professional events
  • a daytime youth event
  • The City League tournament championships
  • A week of broadcasts on the official AGA Twitch channel

The majority of events will be held on OGS, but there will also be other tournaments on KGS and Pandanet (IGS).

This “taste of” Congress event “will hopefully give you a chance play a little go and reconnect with old friends —or make new ones—while you eagerly await the more immersive experience of the 2022 US Go Congress, which will have even more tournaments, events, lessons, and youth activities!“ says AGA Congress Director Steve Colburn. “This year adds different contests during the week and a discord server to connect with friends near and far.”

Although work continues on the 2021 e-Go Congress website, you can find updated information about the e-Go Congress schedule here

On OGS, we will be using the AGA public group as the central communications hub for OGS events during the Congress. Feel free to join the group and say hi!


A few questions:

  1. What is the anticheat policy? Do kyu players have to do anything?

  2. Would it be OK to enter only for the pair Go, and perhaps the 9x9?

  3. What rank should non-AGA players register with? EGF, OGS, KGS? Is there an order of preference?


  1. If there are any policies they will be listed on the tournament page. I hope that people do not cheat in a free tournament. We will also utilize the go server’s methods if an issue arises.

  2. You can enter one or all of the tournaments. Its up to you! Each tournament has a checkbox next to it to sign up for that tournament.

  3. I have suggested to use the Go Rank Survey as a good way to determine the appropriate rank to enter as for non-AGA members. go-survey-results


I don’t see any mention of an anticheat policy on the tournament’s FAQ page.

Are we to assume there is none?

Don’t get me wrong – I, unlike certain other people, would be perfectly happy with that. I’d just appreciate clarity.


They would be listed per tournament. At this time there is no defined policy. If you see potential cheating, report it.


Shouldn’t there be policies about how to handle reports of cheating? Should there be a policy against public accusations of cheating? Wasn’t there a big fiasco in a tournament last year that could have been better handled with a prepared policy?


If you suspect cheating you should inform the TD of the event. The contact information for all of the TD’s can be found on the Congress Contact page: U.S. Go Congress 2021 - Contacts

I am currently waiting for an updated set of procedures from the AGA. The Chair of the Board indicates that a procedure will be published the week before the Congress. This procedure will not require equipment for this event (given the short time before the event), although it may in future. If you are an AGA member you could always contact your regional Board member to find out more information on the upcoming policies for future online tournaments. Their email addresses can be found on the Contact the AGA page Who is the AGA? | American Go Association

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I’m still avoiding this dumpster fire


Bad boy

From this conversation, I cannot avoid the impression that the AGA put little effort into updating their anti-cheating policies for the 2021 e-Congress. Is this impression unjustified?


And I also want to ask that if any bugs will be improved as the new policy exists.

@vash3g What is the anticheat policy? I am also looking forward to hear more about it

New policies, designed for the entirety of the AGA need to be passed by the Board of Directors. I am unable to post draft copies of this. If you have questions they are the ones working on that with the President of the organization. There is a meeting happening before the Go Congress to approve and release these documents.

I would like this thread to be about the Go Congress and not about anti-cheating. If you have questions move it to another thread and I will let the people working on the issue know about that and what questions you may have. Hopefully they can answer your questions there.


Nice event!

I registered an account and was intending to join but I saw that all the games start after midnight for me… So I’ll give it a pass this time.

Although I was disappointed with the AGA’s handling of the Remi Vs Tong city league case, I don’t think that means a strong anti-cheat policy is needed for this event. What’s important is clarity, consistency, and proportionality of punishment to offence (the lack of this was what shocked me most with Remi). So I think the following would be a perfectly acceptable and prudent anti-cheating policy for the main US online open event:

For this event we are not taking a strong approach to detect and prevent AI cheating. We hope that as it is a free event with no cash prizes people will not cheat, and trust them not to. We are not requiring the use of webcams as that can be a barrier to participation. The organisers are volunteers with limited time, not AI cheating detection experts so you can let us know if you think your opponent cheated but we can’t promise to do anything about it. Think carefully before accusing your opponent of cheating publicly, but doing so will not cause us to ban you and your friends from this or other events.