Register via api

Greetings everyone,

We’ve been trying to find a way to register our users via ogs api,
but unfortunately we only find a way to login but not register
so quite curious if its possible

and if so, would really appreciate if shared how, tnx!

I would imagine account creation is not something you want a spammer to easily do 1000 of a second, so maybe it doesn’t exist, or if it does has some extra protection.

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You do have a point, but an api is only like an “official” way of talking with a server, which wouldn’t just randomly break as the service/site evolves, and the api can ask for the same amount of verification as the site form

and even without an api, anyone with the right expertise can build a script that would spam directly with a sites registration form

but for production purposes, using anything other than the “official way/api”, would be a bad practice


I don’t know that API very well, but the website, and third party apps are open source, so you may be able to parse out what they do. I believe the endpoint is api/v0/register

Here’s the code for registration via

OnlineGo (Android):

Surround (iOS):

Actually, this app just redirects to the website for registration…


awesome!, this looks very promising

will be immediately testing it, thanks!!

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I’m definitely also interested in this!

Any idea what the ‘ebi’ is?

It looks like the Android app is using a websocket to register?

What makes you say that? Given that the object is ogsRestService I assumed it was just the REST API (HTTP), and as far as I can tell, the code I linked is performing a standard POST request.