Remaining connected to live games

If I am in live AST tournaments, is it rude to do a few correspondence moves before they show up? I am disconnecting, but only because they aren’t in the game. I shouldn’t be required to be in the game if they aren’t either.
My other question, Is it rude to pause and resume a game at the beginning if I am white and they haven’t showed up yet(still AST)? I don’t get a timer like that for my first move, and I believe in that instance, the time that it takes for them to decide to go to the game should be taken away from there total, instead of them taking 2 minutes or so to show up with no penalty(this is coming from an impatient person). I would understand and be fine with it if someone did it to me, but I don’t want to be that person that everyone is annoyed with for something like that.

A mod could decide if this fits better in the thread involving disconnection or the abolish the blue starter clock thread. I didn’t know where to put it.

You are required to have a tab open on live games.

You can have as many tabs open as you like, as long as you play the games in them in a sporting fashion.

It would not be sporting to open a 20 min + byo yomi game and come back to it 15 minutes later to play your second move…


What about if I pause the game when I first get there if my opponent isn’t there? Is that allowed?