Remembering number of newsposts to display

When I go to our group page, the top panel has the name, description and other basic details of the group, and below that one can see the most recently published newspost. At the bottom of this newspost are two options to display other posts:

  1. On the left, I can click a ‘next’ arrow to get the second most recently published newspost (and after that a ‘previous’ arrow to go back)

  2. On the right, There is a dropdown menu allowing me to choose how many newsposts to display at once (1, 10, 25 or 50)

However, once I leave the group page, these choices are forgotten and the position returns to that described at the beginning, above.

I would like these choices to be remembered, so if I choose to display 10 posts, when I leave the page and come back again, I don’t have to reselect this option, but will find 10 posts in the window, or if I scrolled to a certain post, that will be the one in view when I return.

I don’t really know, but imagine this would not be hard to implement?

Anyone else think this would be a good idea?


I should add that when a new newspost is published, clicking the notification link will, of course bring that post to the forefront. The number of posts on the page can still be retained, though.

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If I may mention a related matter, earlier this week when my fellow group Admin posted a newspost, I opened the notification and clicked on the link while I was on the group page, but the newspost he had published did not come up in response. I had to refresh the group page to see it. I think that refresh should be automatic in the circumstances perhaps, unless that is more complicated than it sounds?

Very simple I think (at least the part about remembering the number of news posts). Do you have a coding background? I could show you the relevant areas code if you wanted to try adding this in…

See those trees near the horizon in the background? Those are the eighties, when I used to work as a programmer, coding in MSBasic and Cobol and later a bit of DEC Vax system language (can’t remember what that was called) and some Oracle SQL*Forms. I don’t really fancy setting up a workbench and learning a new programming language just to make this little mod. I think we have a couple of programmers in the group. Maybe if you explain, one of them might have time?

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Would be happy to! Tech stack is React/TypeScript. Have them message me if they want to take a swing at it.

You’ve lost me there already. Will they understand? I think it would be easier to sell if I could tell them something of what might be involved. Tbh, their involvement in the Club usually just stretches to turning up online at the given time more or less and playing Go, so I don’t hold out any great hopes anyway.

The only people in our club who would be capable of doing this are too busy to. If there’s anyone out there with skills and time who would like to make this small improvement to the system, I’d be grateful (and presumably so would the people who 'hearted’the original comment?).