Remove annulled games from game history

If there is any reason to list annulled games, I can’t think of it. It is just clutter. Purge all annulled games from existing game history and stop saving them in the future, please.


Reckon you’re right - are there any objections from anyone?

I would not want to lose this one from my history. It is a completed game, but because the board size is so small there were too few moves for it not to be annulled. There should be a setting in your preferences for “List annulled games in game history” [x]

Yeah that’s a good idea. I was also thinking of trying to make it so only annulled games which have maybe 10 or fewer moves are hidden… that should take care of 95% of the cancellation trash but keep games that were annulled for other reasons


Maybe to satisfy both groups of players (Those who want to see them, those who don’t), how about an option that shows/hides annulled games in yours and others history? (Could be enabled by default)