Replace clumsy move error messages with cleaner ones

So, the current move error messages which pop up over the board for ko’s, suicides, etc are really clumsy. It has too much information and it goes away so fast that its hard to read everything in the error message. Not only it has too much information, but the important thing is the very last thing in those messages and its written with underscores and small letters.



Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 22.55.10


When a player gets those error messages in the game, they dont really need to see the game id (since they have the board open) nor the move number (since its the current move they are placing). I am not sure if even the coordinates are important, people usually know where they tried placing their stones.

Those error messages would be lot easier to read and understand if it would simply state the reason why move is illegal without any extra information or numbers, preferably in caps like “ILLEGAL KO MOVE”

Anyone else think that the current messages have too much stuff in them?


Yeah they don’t make much sense.

Also the red on black is very hard to read too.


Did they change recently?
I don’t remember such long messages.

Also: how could the “wrong turn” error even exist?
Shouldn’t the UI just ignore any attempts of making a move when it isn’t your turn?

Edit: in correspondence it does so. I can tap wherever on the board and it just ignores me.

Edit again: they even aren’t that quick! It takes five seconds to disappear. I can easily imagine a player in blitz mode or byoyomi to lose a turn because of that.


It takes five seconds to disappear. I can easily imagine a player in blitz mode or byoyomi to lose a turn because of that.

Many times…


You should never trust the frontend UI to enforce rules - this error comes from the backend. There are plenty of ways the UI could bug out and not enforce this, and even more ways for someone to deliberately send normally-impossible input to the backend.


Latency, you can submit a move twice before the first one gets registered. Results as move being played and that error message being shown xD

Yeah i didnt even realise that, those seconds can be and often are critical in blitz. Less than 5 seconds would actually be enough, if those messages would be short and unambiguous like “ILLEGAL KO MOVE”
That litany of of numbers is the thing what is making those hard to read in few seconds.


Would be easier if the message was just posted in chat, right? (only visible to the player who received the error, of course)


I dont think that the chat would be the best place. For one, not everyone look at the chat while playing (zen mode, mobile users). And also for those users (mostly beginners), who dont quite yet understand that re-taking ko’s or self-filling their last liberty is illegal (or just won’t see that move is taking away their last lib), its better to have the error message over the board so that there isnt any confusion why their stone isnt showing in the board.

But idk, maybe it could also be in chat, but even then its kinda pointless to include stuff like game and user id’s in those messages. Too much unnecessary information is just clutter >___>

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FWIW it’s been on my list for a while to tidy those up. It did change some time a little while back during some goban change or other, IIRC.

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Do you see this often? If so when? That’s one of those things I see error logs for sometimes but I can’t reproduce it.

FTR you can also click the message (or anywhere on the board I think?) and it should go away, unless I broke something.

Never the less, it’s not ideal, perhaps it’s time to rethink where that message is displayed.

And overall, yes I didn’t realize these messages were displaying raw output like that, I must have broken something somewhere along the line.


The “It takes five seconds to disappear” text is from Lys. I just quoted it to comment on it.


From time to time. It comes when there is some sort of lag, either with my own internet connection or with the server. Or if my laptop is running slow due too many programs or open tabs in chrome.

The error comes when i try placing my stone, nothing appears on the board so i click again at the same place, then few seconds later this error pops up and my move appears on the board. Like you can see from the message, it looks like i was trying to play R8 twice xD


Good to know, thanks for the information, I’ll see if I can get to the bottom of that


See also: Error: Not players turn

Kudos to @_KoBa for catching the screenshot. I know how hard that can be even when the error occurs quite a few times in a game.

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