Report unserious tournament

The tournament “Pain Management and Drugs” are using this site to try to sell drugs online .


Thanks. I banned the user responsible.


Aww man its banned already? Where else are they selling?

3 Likes At least these guys had the sense to make their group private.

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You never know what some crazy people do!

Isn’t this job for the police? Or maybe not…

People online are from all different countries, and so I don’t the law enforcement from one country would be forced to take care of that one person’s problem, especially if the problem involves people from many countries.

  1. Removal of this non-go related activity from our site is entirely appropriate and within our discretion, laws not withstanding

  2. Our ToS specifically rule out (in a way that allows some discretion) law breaking activities. Since OGS is hosted in the US, it can hardly afford be carrying illegal-in-the-US activities.