Reporting botter is useless?

I just reported a guy that is obviously botting (or using an AI), I checked most of his games with Katrain and Lizzie and most of his moves matches AI moves. That player’s win rate is suspicious, if he is not resigning winning games to control his rank, he losing by time out. I also watched him playing live games, and he moves so fast without thinking even to critical part of the game. But for some reason my initial report just disappeared without any feedback from admins, this doesn’t happen once, I had already reported another player and same thing happened so I had to report him again and luckily an admin responded.

Do OGS admins don’t really care about botters/sandbaggers?


We take botting reports very seriously and all of them receive a thorough investigation. Sometimes we forget to follow up with the initial reporter on our decision, sorry about that. Our botting review team is just a small section of our group and they are very busy.


I’d also like to point out that the person you just reported has already been warned for sandbagging just before you reported them: it has our attention.


I suggest you just block them, ingnore them, so they wont be a bother for you anymore, if you already did that, then good :yum:

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Yeah, we take sandbagging seriously too. I once banned 350 alt sandbagging accounts over three evenings. I’d call that serious.


Is there a guide somewhere on what constitute various reportable offences and what the protocol (what info you should provide, what steps will be taken etc.) for reporting them is? I don’t think I’ve seen one but I suspect it might exist somewhere in the doc.


I don’t think there’s a guide, nor do I think there should be one, but anytime you feel that you’re playing against a cheater, someone who is wasting your time (which includes leaving a game, so that you have to wait for their timer to tick down), someone who is playing completely differently than their rank suggests or someone who is plain rude, feel free to report those :slight_smile:

When in doubt, it’s better to report, than if something bad goes under the radar.