Request and offer for a teaching game

Hi, I am looking for a teaching game from a stronger player (7K or stronger), and am willing to teach someone 15K or lower. I will be around for the next 5 Hours from when this post was created. Thank you in advanced.

Not sure if you’re still looking for a teaching game. If you’re still interested I could give you a teaching game. We could do either live or correspondence and handi or no handi. Whichever you prefer.

I a fairly new (19K) I would love to learn. I am not sure how to initiate a game from the forums.


You initiate the game on OGS. The usernames are the same between the site and the forum. :wink:

Fairgo: If you are still teaching, I am playing with a lot of struggle at 20k. I need someone to help me to the next step. I can play correspondence. I welcome feedback, want homework and will not quit. Please let me know? :slight_smile: Thank you.

Sure! Send me a PM on the site, and we can work out the settings. :smiley: