Request for a teaching game

Hi, i’m new here and would like to ask for a teaching game. I know the rules well, and have played a few games with some friends, but would like to improve so I can play more regularly in the future. I hope it will be here, the site looks nice.

The person that showed me the rules told me after a bunch of games that I was 22k, more or less… Not sure about it.

Thanks in advance! And sorry for my ugly english, I’m no native…

welcome, hope youll enjoy playing here! :grin:

please send me a challenge for a correspondence game any time, any board size is fine. you can also add me as a friend and ask for a live game when you see me online… or both.

sir, you have my thanks. :slight_smile:

If you longed for even more excitement, feel free to challenge me as well (correspondence only though, sorry) :slight_smile: