Request: More automatic sitewide correspondence tournaments!

The automatic daily sitewide correspondence tournaments are wonderful, but they always fill up within minutes of opening. Can we get more of them please? Maybe start with 2 per day, and then increase it if they still fill up? 19x19 tournaments especially could do with greater frequency.

While I totally agree that there is no reason whatsoever not to automatically offer a new correspondence tournament whenever one fills up, I took the liberty of creating four run-of-the-mill round robin tournaments for 10 players 25k-20k, 20k-15k, 15k-10k, 10k-5k. If they fill up quickly, I will create more and encourage you to do likewise.

25kyu -20kyu
20kyu -15kyu

They have all started now.


Aside from the daily corr tournaments… which I’m working on getting those to be more revolving, rather than static daily… we also have weekly and monthly large corr. tournaments.

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