Request to confirm my review of a large territory invasion (7k 19x19) at move 75

I had influence across a quarter of the board, and my opponent had a 2-5 invasion. I shamefully went for a kill instead of trying to keeping it small. I feel like I found a pretty good variation, but I would like to know whether I have missed anything, or whether there was a better approach.

There’s a bunch of variations so I am not sure which one to look at. Black R16 (rather than R15) will be difficult to handle for white.

Dropped some variations in there.

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@smurph very interesting idea to have white play the vital point at R16 first.

I asked LZ but couldn’t get a definitive answer (LZ cares more about winning than killing). It seems to me that black will be hard to kill because it gets an eye in sente on the side, and white has a thin position with threats such as R9.

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