“Request was throttled” when trying to post news to group I manage

“Request was throttled” when trying to post news to group I manage.

If there is a post limit, what is it?

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Sometimes I also have this problem but after refreshing it I could post it , not sure if it works for you

I’m really disappointed that support haven’t offered any information on this query. I have had the same problem trying to put up newsposts for the group I administer, too. I’m fairly sure (but not 100%) that I have tried refreshing, as suggested by [李建澔2], above and that it has not helped. We are having to rethink how we manage the group, when newsposts would be ideal if it were not for this problem.

If there are limits on posting newsposts, please publicise them in the relevant section of the documentation. If it is a problem concerned with server loading, please let us know here. It is not at all helpful to be told “Request throttled” with no further assistance. It might as well just say “Go away” for all the use it is.

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While I understand the frustration of not getting an answer, please try to remember that we are a free service with one (for the lack of better words) full time developer. “Go away” is certainly not the sentiment we are trying to get accross, but the truth is we cannot afford to guarantee 24/7 support and sometimes we just miss some posts (if there is no answer for a while, just tag one of us or @moderators

I don’t have an answer, I don’t know, I will try asking around, but to improve the chances of finding an answer, please try providing more information for potential troubleshooting. What was the group, was it a second or 24th post for the day, did it work the day after, how many do you think you need, and although it is unlikely in this case, sometimes even knowing the browser might help. Pretty much anything helps and cannot hurt.



Adam, thanks for your reply. I didn’t mean to suggest Support were signalling “go away” but that the simple message “Request throttled” was really no more helpful than “Go away”. However, I should not have been sarcastic like that anyway, so let me apologise for that right now and tell you I appreciate the work you and the other volunteers do and your immediate response to my comment.

Regarding the problem itself, I can tell you that the most recent occasion was last Tuesday evening, 12 May 2020 at around 19.15 when I wanted to delete an existing post and put up a replacement post for the group https://online-go.com/group/4791 for which I am an admin.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember the exact sequence of events, but I don’t think I could either delete the old post or post the new one. I may have already edited one post before that to take out some info that could have caused confusion and was no longer relevant.

I will try to take note at the time of exactly what happens if we get a similar problem, but I don’t think we will try to use the system we have adopted of putting up a ‘Welcome’ post each week before meetings because we can’t afford to risk being throttled when we have important info to impart to the group.


Alright, as far as I can tell,

  • the limit is 3 group post per day for a single user (as in NOT 24 hours, it probably resets on server midnight)
  • also meaning ANY group posts, NOT counted for each group separately.
  • editing seems to NOT be affected at all by this, you should still be able to edit posts even after reaching the limit.

The obvious workaround is to either have another admin post if you need to, or have a disposable account for that (yeah, annoying, I know, but that’s the best I’ve got for an immediate solution :slight_smile: )

How many posts would you say would be a safe ammount for you for one day?


Not sure if that can be quite right, Adam. I think the most I have tried to do, other than edits, is delete one post and put up another. However, because the editor is not WYSIWYG, there have sometimes been multiple occurences of post-edit-repost-[…], in order to achieve clear formatting for maximum impact. I suspect it may be this which has put us over the limit.

Can you clarify also: does deleting an old post count as one of my three-a-day?

Thanks for your pragmatic solutions. There is another admin on the group so, armed with this information, we might manage without creating ghost accounts.

Thanks again for your prompt attention.


Yes, unfortunately deleting a post also seems to count towards the action limit. :confused:

Editing should have no impact as far as I can see

How many of such actions a day would you say would be a safe limit for you?

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Tbh, 3 a day should suffice, but only if the advice about edits is right. Maybe I am going about editing old posts incorrectly snd triggering code which should only apply to new material. Or maybe the code doesn’t distinguish properly between an instruction to publish new material and one to publish edited material?

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I cannot be completely sure, anything is possible :smiley:

But I have just tested it on a regular profile and was able to edit several group news posts without triggering the cap and then still post new ones (until reaching 3). I think there is only one way to edit a news post, but who knows. If you have a different experience in the future, try to remember how you reached it and let me know :smiley: