Requesting a Review 13k vs 13k

Hey, can someone review my game?

I already figured that the push at move 73 is bad.
How could I make more profit out of that very weak group on the right, and when is the right time to kill of that F3 stone which kinda destroyed me?

My Bottom got pretty destroyed, but i thought i had to do something against whites top since white got all this influence from the bottom to make a huge territory.

thanks in advance!


Edit: I guess all my troubles with that F3 stone would have vanished if I finished the joseki with a small knight at E8…

You are correct about the joseki, but this is not about one single move or the other.
Anyway, here is your review:


Hope you don’t mind having a second point of view :

Animiral did a great job with his review, but I disagree with some of his comments, especially about the opening.


Wow, thank you so much guys! Just looked briefly over it, because it’s damn late… But it looks really helpful and nice (dem painting skillz haha) !

thanks alot!